Sunday, November 05, 2006

All About Me

I'm married to a wonderful man who is a cop... I am a nurse... we have 6 dogs... a 11 y/o mini dachshund named Chance, a 3 y/o Weimaraner named Ernie, 2 year old mini chocolate and tan dachshund named Lola and a 3.5 year old grey weimaraner named Megan... Megan not to be outdone decided to hide a litter of puppies under her bushel basket and there for a while we were a 10 dog house. We are now down to 6 dogs - anyone want 2 weimaraner puppies? We'd also like to have a baby to join the mix...

Apparently we may actually get to do the baby thing as "Not Negative Take 11" seems to be attempting to stay for the long haul with an EDD of September 30, 2007.

We've been trying to have a baby since March 2005 unsuccessfully. I say unsuccessfully because well... we can get pregnant, but we can't stay pregnant. In the past 24 months we've managed to get pregnant and have something go wrong 10 times. 11 times total for me - as I had a chemical pregnancy when I was 21. We are currently on "Not Negative Take 11" and hoping, praying etc that Number 11 is in this for the long haul. Technically this should be called Not negative Take 12, but I lost count.

Below is our history and what tests we've had done and what we currently are trying.

February/March 2005 - opk's - NEGATIVE
March/April 2005 - bbt, fertility monitor - NEGATIVE
April/May 2005- bbt, fertility monitor - positive but bleeding from the onset... properly doubling betas... bleeding starts again - drop in beta told that we were miscarrying... beta plateaud - D/C on June 15th shows ectopic treated with methotrexate
June/July 2005- rest cycle
July/August 2005- bbt, fertility monitor - negative
August/September/October 2005- bbt, fertility monitor- positive on our anniversary with a beta of 17 and a nonexistent progesterone
October/November 2005 - rest cycle with an endometrial biopsy that shows HUGE luteal phase defect and a beta of 4
November/December 2005 - clomid, bbt, fm - NEGATIVE
December 2005/January 2006 - clomid, bbt, fm, progesterone after O - properly doubling betas 24/48 at 5 weeks spotting starts and the beta dropped - of course not without plateauing and sending words of possible ectopic about - resolves on own.
January 2006 - see RE Dr. Sarcastic - love him... lots of bloodwork - clotting and immune factors tested all negative
February/March 2006 - HSG shows tubes all clear, gonal-f started with progesterone after O- Beta of 3 - chemical pregnancy
March/April 2006 - gonal-f, progesterone after O - beta of 5 told to stop everything do so, and no period 4 days later repeat beta is 25... spotting of course starts told to rest
April/May/June 2006 - rest cycle - didn't rest well apparently - we forgot that whole resting thing and end up with + hpt on D's birthday, Beta at 20 dpo 697, Beta at 22 dpo 1280. U/S in early June shows a sac without a hb, U/S on June 15 shows no heartbeat diagnosed with a blighted ovum... D/C #2 on June 23.
June/July 2006 Rest Cycle
July/August 2006 - gonal-f, progesterone in oil started - beta of 6 and then 5
August/September 2006 - didn't even bother with a beta - hpt had a digital positive one day and a negative the next didn't want to risk not being able to cycle... Prolactin - normal
September/October 2006 - gonal-f but well that whole timed intercourse didn't happen... at all. Negative
October/November 2006 - gonal-f, estrace and PIO beta on 11/14 who knows what this will be... Negative
November/December 2006 - gonal-f, estrace, IUI, PIO - positive hpt at 13/14 dpiui... negative at 16 dpiui. Chemical pregnancy.
December 2006/January 2007 - fertility monitor and good old fashioned sex - add a little progesterone in oil after ovulation as well as baby aspirin and folic acid and a positive results... EDD September 30, 2007... we shall see.

We've been seeing an RE and were doing injectables and estrace with PIO supplementation. Luteal phase defect and habitual aborter seems to be the diagnosis of the moment - We prefer the term early checkout and crappy motel mattress rather than pillow top lining. We're hoping 12 will be our lucky number...

SUMMARY - so that when I go in for my annual I can just print it up and give it to the good doctor rather than having to write it out.

Chemical pregnancies 1/2000, 9/2005, 11/2005, 1/2006, 3/2006, 4/2006, 8/2006, 9/2006, 12/2006
Ectopic in 6/2005 - d/c and methotrexate
Missed Miscarriage - 6/06 - prometrium - d/c

Tests we've had done!
1. 9/2005 - all the clotting disorders negative
2. 11/2005 - endometrial biopsy showed luteal phase defect
2. 2/2006 all the immune and clotting tests negative
3. 2/2006 HSG - normal uterus open but narrow fallopian tubes
4. 2006 - multiple u/s - no cysts.
5. 7/2006 Prolactin - normal
6. 11/2006 FSH - Normal 4.0 on cd2